About Us

esca mooncakes salted egg and parmesan


Founded in 2019, esca was created to showcase our deep love for vegetarian food, an often-overlooked cuisine in Hong Kong.

At esca, we believe everyone can eat better without sacrificing taste. We focus on elevating the natural flavour and character of ingredients.

Over the years, esca may have been known more for our variety of soups and salads but we love to make all sorts of tasty products.

Our founder and chef, Wesley Wan, is constantly trying to find new creative ways to combine his passion for vegetarian food, travels experiences, Hong Kong heritage and ways to keep Chinese traditions alive, which has led him to vegetarian festive products. 

Our custard lava mooncakes are one of our most popular products for mid autumn festival, with a variation of flavours, including our classic salted egg parmesan custard lava mooncake.

On top of our Mid Autumn Festival offerings, we also have Chinese New Year items. Our mushroom turnip cake and hakka cake, both vegan, are equally popular.


esca mushroom turnip cake


In addition to our food passion, we care deeply for our planet. Sustainability and environmental awareness is a core focus at esca, we strive to minimize unnecessary waste and hope to achieve close to zero wastage in our kitchen one day.

In keeping with our company’s eco-friendly philosophy, our packaging is comprised of biodegradable materials.